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BotWorks.com People

Marc Baber, Software Systems Analyst, Founder and "C[EFIOT]O"

Marc spent the first ten years of his software career in what was known as the "high performance computing" industry (aka "supercomputing") working for companies like Cray Research, Intel, IBM and Thinking Machines. He specialized in parallel programming, a subject on which he published research papers and wrote his first patent.

After the "attack of the killer PCs", when ordinary desktops eclipsed exotic supercomputers, Marc re-settled in Eugene, where he'd attended college, and shifted to consulting for local government and municipal utilities.

During Web 1.0, he served on the board of Oregon Public Networking (the parent organization of the Eugene Free Community Network) and was VP of R&D for a Bay Area start-up later acquired by Interwoven.

His quest follows from the observation of Planetwork founders that the only thing that's growing faster than the world's problems is the internet and, therefore, perhaps humanity's best hope is to learn to apply internet technology to solve global problems.

His favorite clients tend to be on the front lines of these kinds of battles.

His favorite color is blue.

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