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Web Hosting


Web Development

We take a whole-site approach to web development, starting with the graphical look-and-feel elements that will appear on most of your pages to help establish a sense of place and set the tone of your site.

Next, we analyze the interactive elements of your relationship to your site's customers/visitors. What do they want the first time they visit? How do you quickly communicate what the site is about? Why do your visitors come back? What services and information do they expect on subsequent visits? What messages do you want to communicate to your visitors in each interaction? We structure your site based on the interactive paths that emerge from our analysis so that the sequence of pages will seem natural and intuitive to your visitors.

Finally, we develop the content of each page. Often, this is simply well-written copy with supporting and engaging graphics and pictures. We are well-versed in a wide variety of web techniques and technologies, however we strive to keep projects and web sites as simple as possible.

Few things are more annoying than web pages with distracting animation, confusing frames or unnecessary plug-in dependent content that may not work for many of your visitors.

We aim to create simple, effective web sites that get the job for you and your site visitors.

Software Development

We find that good Web Development often leads to business process re-engineering (BPR) and attendant software development.

People visiting your website include not only customers looking for your products and services, but potentially other stakeholders in the organization-- your investors or donors looking for annual reports, your current and prospective employees looking for career opportunities or employee benefits information, your press contacts looking for stories and fact-checking and even your suppliers looking to replenish your inventories.

At first, each interactive path might simply lead to an e-mail or other contact information so your customer can directly contact someone in your organization who can handle their request.

As time goes on, it becomes apparent which interactive paths get the most traffic. These paths become targets for automation by software agents (bots) that model your staff's interactions with each particular group of stakeholders.

Bots may simply provide product information or brochures in downloadable Adobe PDF files, or they may offer a fill-in form to put the customer on a mailing list for certain printed materials or a sales call. A Bot can take product orders, payment information, check credit and update your enterprise database to ship products, collect funds, or replenish inventory. A Bot can accept a resume' from a prospective employee, scan it for certain keywords of interest to your hiring managers and e-mail it to hiring managers.

Any business process that can be well-defined can often be performed less expensively by a bot. As your enterprises' web strategy evolves to encompass more of your business processes, we continue to work with you to interface database servers with your web site and build a web engine that runs your business processes better, faster and cheaper than ever.

Our staff has years of experience with many different database technologies and programming languages. We offer a full range of programming services for enterprise "bots" or for desktop applications and systems software.

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