Bot Works Culture

Welcome to the band! My vision of the ideal working culture blends elements of Star Trek (diversity, clear roles, "Make it So"), Buckaroo Banzai ("Can you sing?", "Uh, I can dance!"), a workplace resembling an art studio, and people who don't merely respect each other, but approach the Quaker ideal of "seeing that of God in each person" while still being able to take a joke.

Oh yeah, and we are THE MOST EXCELLENT source of computer and information technology development services around (an ever increasing radius) so we pull in the most challenging, interesting and rewarding projects.

We treat our clients pretty much like one of us in that we are intensely focused on delivering whatever it takes to make their projects succeed.

We also treat our clients special in that we present our professional, punctual, neat, clean, organized, blisteringly brilliant side to them whereas we are more relaxed with each other.

When time permits, we are our own clients-- developing new businesses and learning new skills.

Here's one way we keep in touch with eachother. Remember that employers are allowed to monitor employee's e-mail, so be sensitive that some people won't want to receive contracting- related e-mail at work. The group alias has been cleared.

I'd like to establish regular lunch meetings, second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at Govinda's 12:00 noon.

Of course, I have no idea what may come of this attempt to start a collaborative group. I can't guarantee if there'll be any future gigs or not, who exactly will be able to participate, how much pay there might be or anything like that. I've got a couple of things started for people in the past, talked about more and hope to improve my batting average a lot this season :-)...