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About The Bot Works

What is a "Bot"?

"Bot" is short for "robot", particularly a software robot or software agent that performs services for you and saves you time.

When you notice that your work is getting repetitive and tedious, it's time to consider either hiring an assistant or developing a bot-- either way you're freed up to perform on the next level.

I heard "bots" are used to spread malware. Does Botworks develop these kinds of bots?

Because some "black hat" programmers have used bots to automate malicious activities, the term "bot" is sometimes regarded with suspicion.

BotWorks.com not only does not develop such illegal programs, we also don't develop unethical programs of any kind. If your project involves fooling people or spoofing machines, we're not interested in working with you, so please don't ask.

What kinds of Bots does Botworks.com develop?

We've developed bots (sometimes called "modules") for:

  • Web-based contact list management.

  • Online contribution processing
  • Survey administration
  • Dynamic content management
  • Financial reporting
  • Conference registration
  • and more!

We're constantly adding new features that help teams to collaborate better by managing their information in secure web-based databases.

What can the 'net do for me?

BotWorks.com is dedicated to the idea that the point of software is to help you achieve your goals without the headaches of software ownership (licensing, maintenance, system administration) "Software As A Service" (SAAS) is a business model that minimizes your organization's TCO (Total Costs of Ownership).

Our mission is to deliver software services to our clients and their website visitors via the internet using bots running on our servers and to provide custom bot development services to help your organization achieve its goals and save time.

Questions? Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

  Comments? Questions? Please E-mail: info@botworks.com.
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