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Marc Baber
Marc Baber,
We specialize in hosting and developing dynamic, data-oriented web sites for political campaign and non-profit organizations. Our services are based on open source software for superior reliability and economy.

We offer integrated systems spanning CRM (Constituent Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management Systems) as well as online credit-card processing and associated financial reports.

We provide secure hosting for your web site so your staff, members, employees, customers and other stakeholders can log in, see exactly the information intended for them individually and interact with your online systems according to your organization's practices and policies.

We use a rapid prototyping development model that allows us to support your organization's unique requirements quickly and with minimal expense.

Our modules blend with your web site's graphic design features seamlessly, because we put a style-skin around our subsystems that allows them to present information in a way that's visually consistent with your overall design.

Our current modules include:

  • Contact List Management (CRM) with:
    • E-mail to lists
    • Address labels for postal mailing
    • Phone lists for phone banking
    • Shareable lists
    • Derived lists
    • Personalized bulk e-mail
    • Easy Duplicate merging

  • Secure Online Credit Card Contributions with:
    • Auto-notification of campaign staff (Donation cc list)
    • Auto-generated customizable thank you e-mail with receipt (in addition to thank you web page with same info)
    • Auto-inclusion of donor in Campaign's Donor List
    • Auto-entry of donation into Oregon Campaign Finance Reporting module

  • Contributions and Expenses (C&E) reporting for Oregon Campaigns:
    • Spread sheet uploads of contact info may include past donation history as well
    • Easy uploading of expense spreadsheets
    • E-mail filing of PC2, PC3, PC1 and other required reports with Secretary of State.

More modules are under development and our existing software is an excellent foundation for building new systems for your organization's unique requirements.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us. It's time to ask what the 'net can do for you.

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